Fairmont Veterinary Clinic, LLP
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Services we provide:

  • Herd health consultation and “walk-through”
  • Diagnostic monitoring plans for herds
  • Thorough diagnostic work-up
  • Science-based farm specific health programs
  • Monitoring herds with in-depth serology as a means for disease intervention
  • Bovine embryo transfer services
  • On-farm interpretation of diagnostics and records
  • Assisting clients to manage health information to make knowledge-based decisions from conception to market
  • Information Services Bureau record keeping and management bureau
  • Teaching philosophy that educates clients and staff regarding health and production strategies
  • Health and nutrition consultation, including water quality management
  • Implementing new technologies and ideas from current university and in-house research and experience
  • Pregnancy detection and reproduction work-up utilizing real time ultrasound (for swine and beef)
  • Philosophy that good health involves a team approach combining nutrition, management, and people