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FVC Biosecurity Letter
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2020 Spring Client Meeting-Cancelled

Our June 30th Spring Client meeting has been cancelled due to the Covid-19.  We are currently planning to continue with this annual event in the Spring of 2021.  More to come on this at a later date.

We’re still hoping to have our annual Client Appreciation BBQ in September.  We’ll communicate more information on this event as the time comes closer.

The Pork Industry is making a positive difference!

Martin County is #1 in Minnesota!

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168 pig farms are in Martin County.  Sold 2.9 mil. Head of pigs in 2017, worth $330.1 million in sales.

Martin county would be the #6 county for market pigs sold in the country.

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Minnesota sold 16.6 million market pigs in 2018. Number 2 state for pork production. 

3,000 family farms in Minnesota.

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Approximately, 22,000 jobs related directly to pork production in Minnesota.

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