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Spring really is on the way! And so is the FVC/PCM/FAB Annual Client Informational Meeting – and we would love to have you join us at the Fairmont Holiday Inn beginning at 1:15 PM on Tuesday, March 27th. The topics for this year’s meeting are intended to help your farm focus on improved breeding herd productivity and set up the newly weaned pig for better performance all the way to market.

  • Doug Faber will give an FAB update including facility, dose form, and boar line information.
  • Wayne Nienhaus will highlight some recent farrowing house piglet trials and discuss strategies to maximize piglet survivability.
  • Dr. Chase Stahl is discussing principles of colostrum intake, farrowing induction, oxytocin management, and piglet movements in the farrowing barn.
  • Dr. Andy Kryzer will focus on wean to market management.
  • Dr. Jeff Kurt is sharing common ventilation problems and cost-effective equipment upgrades.
  • Dr. Paul Ruen is going to highlight strategies to reach the gilt’s potential.
  • Scott Wassink (DSM) will explain information on current vitamin shortages and the impact on costs.
  • Dr. Jon Bergstrom (DSM) is educating us on the essential role vitamins play in optimizing health andperformance.

Our keynote speaker is Matt Stutzman, also known as “The Armless Archer.” Matt is an Paralympian and World Record Holder in archery. His amazing drive and inspiring life story will motivate us all to write bigger chapters in our own lives! You are sure to enjoy hearing Matt tell about his fascinating life journey.

The meeting will conclude with a delicious pork loin dinner with all the fixings by Green Mill, shared with conversation with friends – no one goes home hungry!

Please RSVP to Sheri at (507) 238-4456, by March 23rd so we can plan meals and space accordingly. We appreciate your business and your friendship and look forward to seeing you March 27th!

Tuesday March 27, 2018
1:15 PM
Welcome – Dr. Brian Roggow
1:20 PM
FAB Update – Doug Faber
1:35 PM
Piglet Survivability – Wayne Nienhaus
1:50 PM
Maximizing Mom’s Colostrum – Dr. Chase Stahl
2:10 PM
Opportunities Wean to Market – Dr. Andy Kryzer
2:25 PM
Ventilation Tweaks and Upgrades to Help the Pig Win – Dr. Jeff Kurt
2:40 PM
“You look so Good in Love” Reaching the Gilt’s Potential! – Dr. Paul Ruen
3:00 PM
3:30 PM
Vitamin Supply and Price Changes – Scott Wassak
3:40 PM
Vitamins: The Essentials For Optimizing Health, Performance, and Quality – Dr. Jon Bergstrom
4:10 PM
Motivational Keynote Speaker – Matt Stutzman, The Armless Archer, World Record Holder and Paralympian
5:10 PM
Thank you – Dr. Brian Roggow
Prayer/Meal – David Joyner
Motivational Keynote Speaker – Matt Stutzman,
The Armless Archer, World Record Holder and Paralympian